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A T1 Service line has a lot of advantages. There are tons of benefits that a T1 line can give to a business. Before only major or large scale industries take advantage of this technology because of the expensive price of the T1 Service. At present times, not only big time companies can avail this telecommunications tool, small to medium sized companies can also now utilize the many benefits of the service.

One big reason that a company, diving in egypt university or call center should consider is the now reasonable price of the T1 Service. Because the telecommunications technology which is called the internet is now worldwide, the price of T1 Service which includes its T1 routers and the PBX systems has gone down. Virtually this kind of service can be accessed even in the remote neighboring rural areas. The T1 link uses the same, regular telephone line. There are no specialized phone links whatsoever. The price of the service depends on the location of one’s main office but prices usually start at $200 and then it goes up according to the proximity of the office from the provider.

Ever since the T1 line service is created, millions of residents and businesses benefited from the many perks of the T1 Service. Another benefit of this type of internet tool is secure and reliable connection. Users, employees, businessmen can use the T1 Service with the thought of high speed access and the secure feeling of not encountering any interruptions in the data transfer and other communication. If the service does meet any problem along the way, the T1 technical staff will address the problem right there and then so that communications and data transmission will be restored right away/ as soon as possible.

Any business establishment who has more than 15 company staff and a monthly telephone bill of around $500, will benefit much from the T1 Service line. Each second in the T1 line involves transmission of 1.5 megabytes and this means high speed internet. The T1 Service actually handles 24 channels and transports 64 kilobytes/sec of data. Based on the specific details, รับเพิ่มยอดติดตามไลน์ approximately seventy-five users are hired depending on their needs and the budget of the company. Industries who regularly or depend largely on the internet, this kind of service will really do wonders in their telecommunications department.

The company that makes use of the T1 Service can have sole control of the tool. The service can be both used for daily high performance internet and phone call duties. Any enterprise can choose to use all of the 24 channels solely for their day to day internet transactions or just for doing a huge volume of calls. It all depends on the current task or needs of a particular establishment.



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