Pampered Pets Get A Bling Makeover From Ms. BB

Tell me Daahling, adriancochieci have you noticed your pet likes to pretend she is walking the red carpet? Does she strut around the house with head up, purrrfect posture, and tail waving high? This is pet speak for “Look at me ~ I am a star! And, by the way, I expect to be treated like the diva I am!” jobzipk

It is, however, most unfortunate that the majority of pets can only pretend to be glamorous. While your precious darling helplessly drools over her canine counterparts on television, thanglongvnn she can only hope that you will some day answer her prayers and make her wildest dreams come true. If you really want to please your dog or cat, go ahead, make her day and pamper her with a little bling. From clothing to collars, to leashes and jewelry, your pet will shine like the star she is to you.

Collars ~ A lovely lime green collar just like her hero wore in “THE CAT IN THE HAT” adriancochieci movie will surely make your pet feel like she has won that gold statue from you. Or perhaps she would like to choose from five other colors to express her individuality. These are known as understated Bling – no glitz – just glamour!

Collar & Branklet Set ~ These are the latest rage for the red carpet pet set, houseofbling Daahling. The branklet slips over the front leg and matches a collar of diamonds or rubies. For the more casual, quiet evenings at home, your favorite canine may choose a denim Branklet with matching collar.

Pet Purse ~ Why, you might ask, does a pet need a purse? Well, Daahling, every star fears the unthinkable ~ that they are prey for kidnappers who will hold them for ransom. You can help alleviate her fears and give her (and you) piece of mind with a purse to keep her ID in. Her fashionable purse will hang from a color coordinated collar, and she can choose the style she likes best from a designer line of hearts, ameriagency bones, paws, or stars. This alone will let her know she is famous in your eyes.

Charms ~ Was your best friend envious of Bruiser in the movie “Legally Blonde II” and drooling over the crystal bone charm she was wearing? Now you can surprise her with a colorful charm of her own made from authentic Swarovski Crystals just like the one Bruiser was wearing. Or, perhaps she would appreciate her birthstone in a charm. Either way, thefantasytimes she will surely say “bowwow” (or “meow”) when she sees this sparkling accessory added to her jewelry box.

Tees ~ Of course, every star’s closet should have a collection of gem studded tees to wear around the house, for those casual shopping trips, and for leisurely walks in the park. Let her express herself in a tee shirt studded with “Super Star”, “Love”, or “Rodeo Queen”. Plus, if your pampered pet allows you to share the spotlight, dramaflower you can dress in matching shirts that tell the world her (and your) station in life is “Princess”.

Do not forget, Daahling, when your pet walks the red carpet, it is important for her self esteem that she announce to the world the most precious possession that you have given her ~ her name! She will be so proud when her name is spelled out in genuine Swarovski Austrian Crystal Stones. As she struts in front of her audience, she will proudly dangle it from her collar, yourpaella head held high as it strategically falls slightly below her chin for all of her fans to admire and applaud.

At the end of the day, when the applause has died down and it is time for your star get her beauty rest, she deserves an elegant spot to lay her pretty little head. After all, Daahling, Naples Florida sleeping on the cold floor is truly beneath her now that you recognize her as a star. Be a luv and make over her room with a jeweled canopy bed that will be conducive to sweet dreams of Hollywood glamour and endless days of shopping in Beverly Hills.


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